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Dear partners,

I hope you are doing well. October 15th is Kate Backdrop’s Celebration Day, and on that day we’ll be hosting the biggest discounts and best deals of the year on our website. Considering our long-standing relationship with the affiliate, we decided to extend the exclusive affiliate discount to a week, ending October 22nd.


At the same time, we have made a lot of banners in different sizes, please contact me if you want. Please get the codes and banners to update your pages for us. Thank you in advance.


Offer: 25% off

Start/End Dates: From October 15 to October 22nd,2022
Promo Code: TradeTracker25

Landing Page: https://www.katebackdrop.de/pages/2022-kate-day


If you need anything else, just let me know.



Promo Code for Kate Backdrop’s #KATEDAY
Promo Code for Kate Backdrop’s #KATEDAY

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